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Gosia Kosiec

With lots of small brushstrokes she creates a whole world of information that spins around us at an ever faster pace, between the concrete and the abstract.

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My Story

She knows how to create chromatic melodies that harmonize from cobalt blue to blood red, between the earth-colored and black as night . Her images have an artistic epicenter where lines, letters and numbers are mixed to create a reality that is just there with a clarity and power that is felt in the diaphragm, once you discover it. Gosia Kosiecs creations is a mirror. They express sensual scene where we ourselves must decide what is emerging in the subjects. The pictures are thus reflections of our inner visions of the impassioned , graceful and beautiful , but also dark and deep moods and occasions in life.
Soft flowing curly numbers and letters in different colors create clear-cut moments at the same time can be dreamed or perceived

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