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Lindgren Wikki is an artist born in Gothenburg who is known for his paintings that are inspired by Swedish holidays and everyday realism.

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My Story

Her works often show a humorous and ironic view of everyday situations and traditions.

Wikki Lindgren was selected to participate in Liljevalch's Spring Salon 2023 in Stockholm, a prestigious art exhibition that showcases the best works of art from Swedish artists. Her paintings have caught the attention of critics and art connoisseurs for their unique style and themes.

In his works, Lindgren uses a palette of bright colors and sharp lines to create an illusion of depth and movement. Her paintings often show scenes from Swedish holidays, such as Midsummer and Christmas, but with a twist of humor and everyday realism that makes them extra interesting and unique.

With its innovative perspective and interesting themes, there is no doubt that Wikki Lindgren's paintings will continue to impress the art world and entertain audiences.

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